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Scott first got published as a contributor for the Ocean County Observer while still only a freshman in high school. Two years later, he and Bart Brooks, his friend and collaborator, were chosen to write a weekly movie review column for the Asbury Park Press. They held this post for two years, prior to college. 

Since then, Scott has gone on to bounce between collaborations with Bart and flying solo on his own projects, including the 2009 web series Issues, which drew the attention of the Writers Guild of America. He was chosen for membership as part of the organization's first class in the 2.0 Initiative. 

Scott has continued to develop short stories and screenplays, and is seeking professional representation.

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Features and Short Screenplays

Morro Castle (mystery feature ) - In Progress

What The Tide Brought In (mystery short) - 2022

Toward Men (drama short) - 2018

Spinning (drama short) - 2017

*NYCMidnight Screenplay Competition Semi-Finalist

Full Color Spread (mystery short) - 2017

Love Me Tinder (comedy short) - 2016

Second Chances (sci-fi short) - 2016 
*NYCMidnight Screenplay Competition Semi-Finalist 

Those Left Behind (historical drama) - 2015

Toll Road (horror short) - 2015

Neverlanding (comedy web series) - 2010-2011
Staff writer, 1 episode

Issues: The Series (comedy web series) - 2009
Series writer/producer, 7 episodes



The Morro Castle was one of the worst maritime disasters in the history of the country. But when the flames were finally extinguished and the bodies are collected, the true mystery began- who could have done something so diabolical?


Scott's screenplay, meticulously researched, is inspired by the actual tragedy and its aftermath. The feature should be completed in 2024. He is currently seeking representation in an effort to sell the story.


Short Stories 

Billy Paulson Saves The World Twice Before Lunch - (comedy) - 2023

Sea Glass - (drama) - 2023

Off Season (supernatural/comedy) - October 2021

Published in Stay Salty: Life in the Garden State
Anthology published by Read Furiously (Atzeni & Wilson, editors)

Family Estate - (comedy) - 2019
with Bart Brooks

Closing the Damned Deal - (horror/comedy) - 2017
with Bart Brooks

Nuggetgate - (comedy) - 2017
with Bart Brooks

Paperweight (drama)- 2016
*NYCMidnight Short Story Competition Semi-Finalist

Gilded Cage - (dystopian) - 2016
with Bart Brooks

As Time Goes By (supernatural noir) - 2016
with Bart Brooks

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