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Bitten by a radioactive bookworm at a young age, Scott Nap found that with a pen or a keyboard, he had the power to create entire worlds, real or imagined! Honing his skills writing weekly movie reviews for the Asbury Park Press, the teenage SuperScott soon learned he had a new interest  - screenwriting! At 25, Scott became part of the first class of writers signed by the Writers Guild of America East for its 2.0 Initiative. Disguised as an enthusiastic film teacher at an award-winning performing arts high school program, Scott continues to write about truth, justice, space adventures, mysteries and murder!


A born and bred Jersey Shore native, Scott has spent his focus on telling stories in any medium he can get access too. By 18, he had published two weekly columns in New Jersey newspapers, co-hosted a radio show and become the cameraman for the Philadelphia Phillies local minor league team, the Lakewood Blueclaws. At 20 he gained regional attention for his screenplay and short film on a cold case murder at his alma mater, The College of New Jersey. His web series Issues was featured at New York Comic Con in 2008, shortly before Scott began serving as a producer for MSG Varsity Network and on a number of award-winning short films and web series. When he isn't teaching or writing, he enjoys time by the ocean, metal detecting or looking for sea glass.


He lives in Central New Jersey with his wife Jaime and four crazy birds.

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