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All good stories start

with one good idea.

One good idea can

change the world.








I tell my students this constantly.
I believe it with all of my repaired heart. In 2016, three months before I was supposed to get married, my aorta unexpectedly tore. I should have died. When I woke up, I found out that I had less than a 1% chance going onto the table. All I've ever wanted is more time. Now I have it. I swore that night in my hospital bed that I'd earn this.

I'm currently seeking representation for novels, short stories and screenplays. I have experience writing for the web. And I've got one goal: to tell stories that matter. Because that mantra above?

It's true.

These are my tales, short and tall, for the page and for the screen. This is my adventure. This is my journey. Nice to meet you!  

Sirens of Sanctuary (novel)

The city of Sanctuary - where the rain never stops, the bullets are expensive and the lives are cheap. Damon and Jace, the proclaimed Sword and  Shield, are just trying to keep their bar open and the locals from pointlessly killing each other. 

But when a woman collapses in their bar bleeding and begging for help, the boys find themselves ensnared in a web of conspiracy with a beloved alien ambassador dead, a crucial key missing and every faction of humanity gunning for them.

They're low on ammo. They can't trust anyone. And they're not sure which is shakier - their faith in the species or the ground rumbling beneath their feet.. 


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